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About Funerali Company

We are manufacturing company established in 1992 with location in South-East Poland. For a last few years we have been focusing our production on funeral furnishings, delivering various models of coffin handles, crosses as well as screws, washers and other funeral accessories. After several years of being one of main local whole sale suppliers, we recently have started to offer our products also to retail customers.

Basing on our long production experience and technology "know-how" we are able to offer products which are very well tailored to our customers' needs. Since we started our manufacture we have always paid special attention to modern design of our products also ensuring that we deliver the best product quality to our clients

In cooperation with our partners – both customers and suppliers – we prize professional approach, with reliable and timely delivery of agreements, as well as flexibility and openness for new ideas and solutions.

Welcome to collaboration with our Company!